Application process

    How to submit a good application

    Are you looking for a new job in a varied environment? The more precise your application is the better your chances are of success. Have you found a position on our website that matches your profile? Do the requirements correspond to your experience? And does the job meet your professional expectations and objectives? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

    How to send your documents to us can be found in the respective job advertisement, usually we request applications by email to guarantee that they are seen and processed quickly. Please ensure that you produce every document with the appropriate quality and care.

    Be it by email or post, your application should definitely include the following:

    • A comprehensive curriculum vitae
    • A clearly structured letter
    • As well as copies of all the important certificates and documents.

    Advice for your application

    Tips for a successful letter

    _ The letter is your first sample of work. Write it so that it is geared specifically towards the advertised job.
    _ First impressions count. So make sure the layout is right. This includes:
full company address, your contact details, subject line with reference to advertised job, correct salutation, subject matter split into paragraphs, complimentary close.
    _ The spelling and grammar must be right. Have your application letter proof read again by someone you trust.
    _ Answer the most important W questions: 
Which job are you applying for?
What interests you about the advertised job? 
Which experiences in your career so far qualify you for the advertised job? 
What defines you as a person, beyond your factual knowledge? 
Important: Always focus on what is important and keep it brief.
    _ Change your perspective and think about who you are addressing with everything that you write. "How can I arouse the reader's interest?" is the key question.

    Tips for a comprehensive curriculum vitae

    _ List all the important stages in your career chronologically in reverse order, i.e. start with your current position.
    _ Highlight what your role and responsibilities were for the various positions, which projects you took on and which topics you dealt with.
    _ Make sure that the curriculum vitae does not have any gaps and the dates match your certificates and references. Also think about which other skills (language skills, IT skills, additional commitment) you can bring with you and document these.
    _ The same applies here: put yourself in the position of the reader. "What do they need to know about me?" is the key question.

    Application process – what next

    The responsible contact partner in the human resources department will check that your documents are complete. If we require any additional information or have any questions we will contact you.

    In the next step your qualifications and experiences are compared with the requirements profile for the advertised job. If there is a good solid basis you will take part in another selection process.

    Generally, this includes one or more interviews with the department where the job vacancy is to be filled. In the process we are interested in your specialist knowledge but also your personality. There are specific selection processes for several positions, for example a trial working day is carried out in our control center for jobs in operations.

    If you get through the selection process successfully there is a concrete job offer at the end.